What is this all about ?

The idea behind this blog is to catalyze the emergence of New  Ideas and Understandings about what it means to be  Alive and Conscious , and what does Evolution mean in the largest perspective possible. It is designed as a collective investigation into these deep  mysteries of what is Reality and our Human condition.   We adopt multiple perspectives, from fundamental scientific enquiry to  metaphysical  visions and knowledge, and we welcome  all insights, and creative thinking, wherever they come from .

From the dawn of human civilization,  our species has been fascinated by  its origins, its “raison d’être” and its collective destiny.  We live now an incredible moment in history, where communications between people all around the planet is made easy through the Internet, and  at the same time all the great  religious and scientific wisdom is  available to us.  There has never been a better time to revive such an ambitious and bold project, as to discover  what makes the true nature of  our sparkling   trajectories of consciousness that we call “life”.

The blog is organized in three   parts. In the first part we will lead very serious  enquiries in the  domains of Science, Consciousness , Spirituality, and Creativity.   We will dig out facts, discuss them in all logics and  drag our conclusions.   The second part is devoted to the emergence of original and creative ideas , insights , or even “theories” by the members of the Bureau.  Lastly we wish to propose a large open window to others , and connect with other blogs, and websites, which embody the same quest, that is developed in our Links section at the bottom.

We hereby call  any sentient  Being in the Kosmos, who feels  that he /she/“it”  ( one never knows !)   is called and fascinated by the same Quest and Ideals , and has something to  say about these passionate  questions, and feels this burning desire of  Knowing  and Sharing why we are here and Where we are Going; please join us at the Kosmic Bureau of Investigations… we accept all  your fantasy , as well as your fantastic  contributions !

To be an author in this blog, just send your contribution at : physimagine@gmail.com, we will answer you as soon as possible



  1. How does a Society That Has Nature As Its Architype function.

    The Natural sciences, including Physics, are about understanding how Nature works. If we are apart of Nature and Nature is apart of us, then our nature and Nature should be using the same operating system.

    A society that operates as Nature operates, shares energy. An atom shares its valance electron(s), its outer most electron, be it a hydrogen atom with one electron or an uranium atom with 92 electrons, but does so in a way that ensures its basic energy needs provided by the electron is not disrupted. Hydrogen is the simplest atom. It has one electron, and yet it can share that electron with other atoms, even more complex atoms having many electrons, without injury to the well-being of the hydrogen atom. In this way molecules form. Atoms with many electrons, share the outer-most electron(s) called valance electrons, while not sharing those electron that are closer to the nucleus (core electrons).

    This is a great way to model human structures that government and society create. We all share. Those with more energy share equally as those with less energy, but no one (no one atom) however small (hydrogen) are asked to share to the extend it does them harm. The unit of sharing is constant for all just as the electron of a hydrogen atom has the same value as the electron of the uranium atom, the most complex atom.

    There are some atoms that will not share electrons. These atoms are the five inert noble gases. They are atoms that have all their energy in perfect balance and a form that is symmetrical. In a way they function as does a renunciate monk. All other atoms are to varying degrees, asymmetrical. They share atoms to try to achieve symmetry, perfect balance and continuity. Thus they are reactive and form bounds with other atoms to create molecules. Molecules are Nature’s way of achieving balance on a higher level of complexity that it could not achieve at a lower level of complexity (the atomic level).

    If human society structured itself according, we too might discover that it is in sharing that we receive what we need, balance, symmetry, and substance. We share not to detract from another’s abundance, but to allow all to achieve higher orders of complexity. The simple hydrogen atom with one electron, as well as the larger oxygen atom with 16 electrons, can share and when they do H2O water forms and that molecule makes life, as we know it, possible.

  2. Hi Catherine ! Bonjour !
    Merci d’être venue à ma rencontre. Je suis ravie d’avoir pu ainsi lire ton blog.
    Comme une bouteille à la mer mon travail atteindra inévitablement son but évolutif…
    J’espère ta curiosité de scientifique ( et de femme et de française ! ) à l’esprit très ouvert…
    Fruit d’une Inspiration et d’une Vision qui me dépassent , à la fois mathématique et « ésotérique », il peut paraître inacceptable aux scientifiques et rebutant pour les autres .
    Avançant de cause en cause, par dévoiements successifs, et non par déduction et conséquences, il révèle en fin la simplicité de l’Origine d’où il est étrangement parti.
    Il propose ainsi (comme hypothèse), une structure nouvelle pour la physique et les mathématiques .
    Je crois en sa valeur …et j’ose aussi dire « I trust you » (dans le bon sens du terme !) car je sens en toi une valeur que je reconnais.

    http://www.laboucle.net – Ecrit sur mon portable au fil de plusieurs années, la taille des pages de mon site ne s’adapte pas forcément à tous les écrans et choix internet. (J’utilise internet explorer) –

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