Science and non Duality

  It is coming… it is like  a gentle wind in the air, like  the sudden smell of Spring refreshing your Soul … a very strong shamanic energy ! don’t’ you feel it from everywhere ?  yes the  Science and non Duality conference is  starting in a few days. We will all be gathering in San Rafael, California  four days  where the non dual field will permeate and  penetrate the Scientific Spirit.

What a wedding, hey !

  I arrived in California a few days ago, and hereI am siting in Santa Barbara, in this fantastic Institute for Theoretical Physics called KITP.   It is California at its best, temperature around 30 degree Celsius (  I don’t know it in Farenheit and don’t’ really want to  search it,  feeling a bit lazy). Some colleagues had to go  and buy new clothes because they didn’t come prepared.  You can see three pictures of what it looks like in the reading room overlooking the ocean. AT the Insitute the Workshop is running well, and things look familiar to me, a  bit of the feeling of the old days,  my Old Boss from MIT is running the show.

I have so many nice memories  from this place …

Last year I went for the first time to the Science and non Duality conference. It was in San Rafael, like this year. A bit intimidating, like all the first times are. Compared to my state of mind of last year I feel almost like and old runner now! How to describe this conference better than saying that it is the energy of Enneagram type 7 — in its full glory ?

The Type 7,  for those speaking Enneagram, is a crazy beast very rooted in Shamanism.  Its Capital Sin is Glutonny, its Capital Virtue is Joy.  Last year in San Rafael, 50 of us spontaneously gathered around Father Richard Rohr after his talk. He was sitting alone in the lobby and very quickly people arrived to congratulate him . We started to chat with him, to offer him some wine…  this was my first exposure with the Enneagram.  I was suddenly sitting among a bunch of people talking about types and numbers, and I didn’t know anything about it. Everyone was asking to Father Richard “ Father, Father,  what is my number ?”   “and what about me, Father, what is my number ?” Gosh this was something else…. So at some point I decided to jump and asked “ and me Father, what is my number ?” After 15 minutes he answered : 

-“ Catherine, your number is  type 7”

When I looked around me in the room, roughly 40 % of us had been unveiled of being type 7 …

Type 7,  what a good choice for  such a conference !! it fits perfectly between  its two stressing points : type 1  (the Guru) and type 5 (the Scientist) . And here we are at this conference, the bunch of the 7,  all Ascending in  Joy among our Teachers and  our Scientists.

To build the dialogue between Science and Spirit, the setting has never been so perfect …

Sitting here in Santa Barbara, I feel already  very excited, like  you would feel at the idea of meeting again with very old and dear friends. Something familiar is in the air and then,  the whole atmosphere is fully rooted in the unknown. We don’t know what is coming next! My talk is not yet ready of course… will go to preparing some slides tonight.  I will talk about something I have never talked about :

Title :  The Infinite as a Sense of Self

… a real jump for me between Science and Spirit ; mind the gap and feel the pull !

In two days I will take the car and head north towards San Rafael. There is  a sense of wild freedom of doing this is USA. Take  the car and drive. I mean, in all the Ameeeerican movies the Hero is doing just this. He  or she takes the car and drives towards the Wild. And it is Route One, you know, the most beautiful scenery in the world… and although  as usual I have planned to visit  something new on the way, I  finally always end up in Big Sur… which attracts me like a magnet.

A Mythical Trip on Route One towards a Mythical Conference …

great friends  to look forward to see again…

What could one ask for more ? Nothing, nothing at all…

  And the Joy  will be perfect !



  1. Liesbeth

    Catherine, this all sounds so good! I share your longing to drive through the US totally. Hope te learn something more about your lecture there! Had to think about you signing your name on the ‘Einstein’ wall in Leiden. Wish you again a great succes and a fantastic time, Liesbeth

  2. The secret of non-duality is perfectly displayed within modern theoretical physics, but even the best theoretical physicists in the world cannot see it. Very strange.

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