Higgs’ day !!!!

End of an LHC dipole

End of an LHC dipole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello  to all the readers following this blog, today is a big day for the scientific community with the announcement of the discovery of the   Higgs boson !! if you pass by in any lab in the world,  and walk int he corridors, your friends and colleagues will great you with the great news : “ did you hear , that is it, they found it at he LHC !” then the discussion will go a bit more into details… after the  mitigated results of december,  one was expecting what we call “scientific evidence” meaning that the probability of existence of the particle would be demonstrated as a 3 sigma event, but the  announcement is a 5 sigma event

[3 sigma event? 0.5782%
4 sigma event? 0.0165%
5 sigma event? 0.0002%]

than means that the existence of the particle is validated with a margin of error of 0.0002%… so the name of scientific discovery can be now given.

Apparently the announcement of the result in direct in the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva by two independent teams, provoked a wave of emotion among the scientists… yes scientists as well can be so inspired and passionate ! The director of the research at the CERN declared in a very  scientific manner “ it is difficult not to get enthusiastic..!!!!” the presentation was made by two italian scientists ( at the top in this field of research since Enrico Fermi and the School of Rome ) , one  very bright woman Fabiola Gianotti and a nice guy Joe Incandela. Of course some more studies are needed to completey elucidate the nature of this new particle, but well,  all considered, the lHC has been extremely performant : in  less than two years it provided the escorted result with the discovery of a light Higgs in the window of  energy ( 125-126 GeV) that was predicted by the standard model of particle physics.

With this discovery it is 50 years of scientific research which is validated, it is a tribute to the power of science and of the human capacity  to use its mind  and creativity to explore the universe. It is also the first time such a high number of  human beings work together in a time of peace ( not in an army structure but as a completely free team) to do something so bright and intelligent. If I was coming to vista Earth from an extra galaxy, I would be proud of our species today, would feel good  and feel a terrible thrill at what we can to together when the passion of research and curiosity animates us.

So… it is the on the 4 rth of July to celebrate…. Higgs Day !!!



  1. liesbeth3

    Dear catherine
    Fantastic to read!! Thank you for writing this! Indeed it is great to see how far conscience has evolved! A celebration for humanity…

  2. liesbeth3

    Great Catherine!
    Thank you for writing this! Indeed a celebration for humanity!

  3. Annick

    fantastic and exciting !
    thanks Catherine for sharing

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